Friday, June 1, 2012

Clinicians have more than one workflow

Something that came up last week when Bill, Jan, and I went over the first demo UI was that clinicians probably need two different workflows for looking at patient charts.

First, there's the scenario where there's a patient standing in front of you in a consultation. You should definitely see existing high-value data items and alerts, but mostly you've got the chart open because you're going to be recording data about the current encounter.

Second is the scenario where you want to review the full history in the patient's chart. Most likely there's no patient physically in the room with you, and you want to see lots of information, but not necessarily record anything.

We'll definitely have to test the assumption that these are the relevant workflows, but for now I've tweaked the Kenya EMR module code to have two distinct apps. I'm calling the first "Medical Encounter" and the second "Medical Chart", though these are definitely subject to change.

Here are some screenshots. (I haven't uploaded this to the demo server yet.)

"Medical Encounter" limits your view to patients who have already been checked in by Registration.

"Medical Encounter" focuses on the current visit, and lets you see data collected so far in this visit.
(Still To-Do: some actual data entry forms for this workflow.)

"Medical Chart" lets you search among all patients (not just those checked in).


  1. I'm interested in the current encounter workflow especially in how we will figure out the "existing high-value data items and alerts". I imagine the logical place to start is the Standards and Guidelines in addition to clinical guidelines to get more guidance on those high-value data items.

  2. Darius, when would you like us to start building forms? We've got a programmer solely dedicated to that and also builing reports as I continue to work through the concept dictionary.