Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fixing an OpenMRS module-loading bug (and the awesomeness of the UI Framework)

First off, I should say that developing the Kenya EMR module using the UI Framework has been awesome. Being able to add and modify controllers and views without having to redeploy the module is just a massive productivity boost. Particularly when it comes to adding ajax functionality, which is really not one of my fort├ęs, it's great to be able to quickly add a method that returns some json, write some javascript to call it, and quickly tweak the json output because I got it wrong at first. :-)

However, since the UI Framework module is still beta, I occasionally need to make some tweaks. And I've been running into a really annoying OpenMRS bug (TRUNK-3384) where whenever I update the UI Framework module, it tries to restart other modules in the wrong order, and I end up having to manually restart the App Framework and Kenya EMR modules.

So, I finally got fed up, and decided to fix it. And I hope the couple of hours I spent on it pays for itself in reduced annoyance. :-)

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