Monday, June 18, 2012

Default encounter dates and locations

A note to everyone who's working on HTML forms: make sure they all have the right default date and location set when being filled out, by doing something like this:
<encounterDate default="now" showTime="true"/><encounterLocation default="GlobalProperty:kenyaemr.defaultLocation"/>
It's important that we include times in our encounters, to support our point-of-care use case, and because if we don't set encounter times, they won't be assigned to visits correctly. (I just described this to Rajib in India on the OpenMRS developers list here.)

Getting the default location from a global property won't actually work until version 1.9.5 of HTML Form Entry is released, since I just made the fix today. (There are a bunch of open tickets in HFE 1.9.5, but I think we're going to need to push the versions back and release something including this specific fix before we deploy anywhere.)

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