Tuesday, June 12, 2012

User Management Screenshots

I still have a horrible cold, so if you don't like what I've done here, blame that! :-)

One of the strategies we are taking with this OpenMRS distribution to keep things maintainable as we scale up is that we will not let you access much of the rich configurability that OpenMRS has under the hood. The software updates we push out over time will contain "opinionated" configuration settings, and the user interface will only let a local system administrator modify the things they really need to locally modify.

So they'll see something like this: (we may add a few more actions, but not many)

I've now finished a first-pass at the user management pages, which also guide you through a limited set of functionality. (For example, you're not allowed to create a user account for an existing patient. A user is only allowed to have a single real name. Things like that.)

the Manage Users page

Creating a new user

Viewing an existing user

You can only edit subsets of a user's details per screen

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