Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apps and Privileges

Since we're about to show our demo to a wider audience, I figured it was about time for the App Framework module to let you limit apps to only certain users. I had originally planned for a table that would allow you to enable apps per-user or per-role, but after the OpenMRS design discussions around our recent Roles and Privileges sprint I decided it's a better idea to just let each app have a privilege, and use the standard Role mechanism to do access control.

Anyway, the ticket for this fix is here, and the code is here. This is now available in version 1.2 of the App Framework module.

Then I created a new version of our core metadata package including Clinician, Registration Clerk, and All Apps roles, only to find that there's a bug with Metadata Sharing and OpenMRS 1.9 when I try to import these into the demo server. I'll create a ticket for that tomorrow.

In the meantime I manually set up a role for the demo user on the demo server so they're no longer a superuser. We won't be showing the role-based apps yet, but at least not everyone will be able to upload modules to our demo server. :-)

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