Friday, June 15, 2012

Alerts and the Calculation module

At OpenMRS we're about to release the Calculation module, which is good, because I've never enjoyed working with the Logic module. Today I incorporated the Calculation module and the Reporting module into our Kenya EMR module to dynamically produce our first alert: if the patient hasn't had a CD4 result in the last 180 days, you see a "Needs CD4" flag. (This is just a placeholder, I'm counting on the team in Kenya to decide what alerts we should actually be showing.)

This alert is dynamic!
It ended up taking all day, and I ended up duplicating some work I should have just copied from Mike Seaton's work on the calculation branch of the reporting module. Though it'll be even better when we finish making the reporting module support Calculations.

In any case, adding more alerts should be pretty straightforward.

You can see the commit here.

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  1. This looks great Darius! And to think that this just came up in this morning's call... shows the great work that's being done by you and the OpenMRS community to make these modules quickly usable in other implementations.