Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Floss Over the Canyon

At OpenMRS, Burke and Paul like to tell The Story of the Floss. As of today, we have successfully tossed the dental floss across the canyon.

Less figuratively, I have done a successful end-to-end test of:
  1. Start a clean copy of OpenMRS 1.9 RC3 Standalone (with MVP/CIEL dictionary and no data)
  2. Install the Module Distro module.
  3. Upload distro-v1.zip (including some of the modules we need)
  4. Upload distro-v2.zip (including more of the modules we need, plus a MDS package)
  5. Upload distro-v3.zip (just like v2, but with a newer version of the metadata package)
  6. Verify that the modules are all loaded, and the data has been created
  7. Smile
I'm excited!

PS- Burke, if you're reading I wish that Logic 1.0 had taken the floss approach more seriously. :-)

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