Friday, May 25, 2012

Check out our first demo!

Want to see a demo of the work we've been doing? Well, now you can!
username: demo
password: demo
This is a first pass at wiring everything together. Bill, Jan, Jim, and I had some discussions today, and we have a list of UI changes that I'll work on next week. One key realization is that we probably want to split what I'd previously been thinking of as one "Medical Chart" app into two: one for the clinician to document the current visit, and another for in-depth review of a patient's full history.

Another next step is to actually incorporate the MoH 257 data points, rather than the placeholder ones (weight, height, BP) I put in.

Also, sadly, setting up the demo server wasn't quite as easy as I hoped. For some reason the metadata sharing package that included the HTML Form didn't install when I uploaded the distro zip, and I had to manually create it. I'll need to look into that soon, so that others can install this demo locally just by using OpenMRS standalone plus this zip file. :-)

1 comment:

  1. It is exciting to see and test this first demo - and I like the idea of the 2 views of the medical chart.