Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting started, technically...

Now that you know who I am, and a bit about what we're doing at a high level, it's time to dive into the details. :-)

A quick example app
I spent last week wiring together a new OpenMRS application using:
This week I'm working on a few things:
  1. Instructions for an Ubuntu VM-based development environment, pre-configured with all the Eclipse plugins you need for OpenMRS development.
    • Eclipse-Maven-SVN integration is surprisingly annoying. If only I had time to switch to IntelliJ...
  2. Integrating the HTML Form Entry module with the UI Framework/Library.
  3. Building an "OZIP" module, so all the relevant OpenMRS modules can be packaged as a single file. (My email to the dev list here.)
If all goes according to plan, next week I'll work on integrating the Metadata Sharing module, and we can show a proof-of-concept of a single ZIP file setting up the Kenya OpenMRS EMR application along with the MVP/CIEL concept dictionary.

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