Friday, May 4, 2012

What's thls blog about anyway?

This is Bill Lober, with a brief note about why we set up this blog...

I-TECH (a unit of the Department of Global Health, University of Washington) is working on a project to widely implement EMRs in public (Ministry-supported) health care facilities in Kenya.  One aspect of that work, which is led by Patrick Odawo, the Nairobi-based Country Director for I-TECH's work in Kenya, is the development and implementation of a standardized configuration of OpenMRS to meet specific content and workflow goals of the Ministry, and the development of a broadly scalable protocol for training, implementation, and support.

And, we've become kind of enthusiastic about the idea of keeping a public, transparent log of our progress.  Sometimes its a bit embarrassing, when things go wrong, or we hit a slow patch, but mostly it's been pretty helpful with our OpenELIS project in Haiti and Cote d'Ivoire, and our collaboaration in Vietnam, because it gives people a way to get oriented to what we're doing, to figure out how it relates to what they're doing, it exposes points for collaboration, and it lets the sponsors of our work know that (even with the occasional misstep!) we're working hard and getting things done...



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