Monday, December 17, 2012

KenyaEMR Release 2012.2.1

As anticipated, we have released KenyaEMR 2012.2.1. This is a minor update to the 2012.2 release and includes the following:
  • ARV Drug Regimen remodeling and improved UI 
  • Combined registration home and scheduling page into single dashboard 
  • Added CD4% to medical summary chart 
  • Improved user interface design elements (graphics and layout) for easier user interaction 
  • Improved software administration interface to monitor system 
  • Multiple bug fixes 
  • Updates to current version of OpenMRS modules 
These features are outlined in more detail, along with the priorities and dates for the next release, in the Roadmap at

You can view a working demo of the release at:

Login is demo/demo.

Rowan has created a zipped version of the modules to update any existing servers, otherwise you will build a fresh virtual machine appliance for new installations. Please let us know if you have any issues with accessing the code.


  1. If I may,would you assist me with the metadata packages for the KenyaEMR? I would be so grateful. I am working on a different faucet of the same concept as this project but my interest lies with the feedback loops and reporting between DHISv2 and OpenEMR using SDMX-HD protocol.


  2. Hey Darius! I tested it out, and the login/password have changed from demo/demo --> admin/test. Just an FYI for those who may look here with instructions on how to use the demo page!