Friday, August 3, 2012

Once in a blue moon

Not much updating in July, but lots of progress.

Presented our KenyaEMR work to MOH early in the month (very well received)

Working on a few things:
1) expanding development resources
2) moving from the current rapid process to the development processes we already use for OpenELIS and iSante (more on that as those changes take effect)
3) paying a bit more attention to our communication through the site, this blog, etc.

See the demo system (June 26 posting link still valid) to set a sense of changes and progress.


  1. The reaction was very different during this weeks experience for trainers of trainers, and most participants felt there is a lot to be done in the system to even achieve basic functionality. There is a lot to do on system user interface and change to workflow to improve the rates of adoption..

  2. Thank you Judy for that perspective. I believe the version on the demo server that is publicly accessible is quite old and only useful for demonstrating workflows. We are working on making a new version accessible.
    Thank you for the feedback,

  3. We are very interested in your progress and have been looking for a system just like this. Is this going to be a full-blown EMR system or just for HIV care?

    OGRA Foundation

  4. The system is first being developed to support HIV care, including TB, PMTCT, and HEI. However, we have it within the scope of work to expand to primary care and beyond within the next few quarters. The system is being rolled out to publicly supported clinics in Kenya this year. You can find the roadmap for development releases here: and the public demo here: (demo/demo). We will be updating that demo this week, so check back for additional features and workflows.